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Current status

I’ve got several WIPs that I’m working on, so this is a general update.

Providence Paranormal:

This is temporarily being shelved while I try to plot out some more of the conflicts that I want to have in it. I need to do some digging into who the hero is, what the romantic conflict of the story is, what is going on behind the scenes involving the sister, and how the hero is tied to the sister. I’m thinking this is going to be in the 50k+ range, and may aim it at LSB or possibly even NY print.

Savage Lands:

I’m thinking about this story a bit lately. I’m wondering if I want to continue it in the serial idea that I was going to go with before, or if I want to expand it to be more like a Tryst length story for each installment (10-20 per “episode”). If I do that, I need to figure out who the romantic interest is and have her involved from the beginning.

Upon Wings of Hope:

I’ve been really bad about keeping up with this WIP. This is the one I was primarily going to run through the Above & Beyond coursework with, and I’m behind on that. I need to finish up Marten’s bio, which is the last bio I need, and then I need to do the homework for the stakes assignment. I’ll need to do that for Alissandra, Marten, and Litala.


I’m putting this back on indefinite hold. I want to get some of the other projects done first and return to this with some fresh ideas. I think I’m going to change up some of the things I wasn’t planning on before and probably darken the tone a bit. I think I also have a lot of characters for this story and I’ll need to reevaluate who the “main” characters are and how necessary some of the support characters are. I definitely do not want to fall back into the trap of forgetting to involve the familiars like I did the first time around.

Love at First Kiss:

This is a romance idea that I’m aiming at Cobblestone for. I’ve got some details over on the WIP manager at Evolution, and I’ve started working on this. Some 1kish words at the moment, I want to finish this over September/October, revise it and send it off. Looking to actually finish something for once.

Hitting the Books:

Once I finish up with Love at First Kiss, I’m going to work on this novella and push that out to Cobblestone as well.

Shadows in the Light:

This is a dark idea that came to me a while ago, and it’s something I’m going to work on plotting out. I’m thinking along the lines of L. A. Banks / Chris Golden tone… dark, gritty, gory… but yet with a stong romance amidst the hell. This is going to take a bit of research and may end up being a series, so I’m not rushing to work on this right away, but will chip away at it a bit here and a bit there.


Today’s progress…


Revised A&B Homework #3 – Character Biography for Zarin – 320 words
Completed A&B Homework #4 – Motivations exercise for Zarin – 194 words

To do:

A&B Homework #3 – Character Biography for Marten
A&B Homework #4 – Motivations exercise for Thaltron
Chapter 3 of Providence Paranormal (start it, at least)


From A&B… Premise homework for Upon Wings of Hope

Realized I never posted these to LiveJournal…


* * *

Avians, who look like human with wings, rule the land. Humans– the earthbound– are basically treated as slaves, not held to Avian law unless it affects Avians. Alissandra, an Avian, feels that something is inherently wrong in the way the humans are treated. Though asking questions about the past often draws unwelcome– and pointed– attention from the priesthood of the Winged Goddess, she seeks answers to the inequality of the two peoples… answers she finds in the journal of a human mage who cured his sick daughter by giving her wings with which to fly.

She does so with the assistance of the human Marten, who is secretly feeding the findings of their research to the underground human rebellion. Alissandra becomes pregnant with Marten’s child, and the pregnancy is aborted by decree of the Triune Council. Marten is soon-after killed in an explosion triggered by uncontrolled magic, and Alissandra is sent back to her home Eyrie, Drun Aliet, in disgrace.

Litala, a human, has been abused for most of her life, meets Alissandra upon her return. As the two seek solace from their individual pains in their friendship, Alissandra becomes her champion and saves her from further further abuse. Pressed to protect Litala further and to protect herself from an enforced pregnancy she does not want, Alissandra ends up transforming Litala into an Avian. The two are arrested, and in the middle of a trial for their blasphemous use of magic, the Winged Goddess chooses Litala to be her Avatar.

Together they return to Drun Shonen and delve deeper into the past as they come to terms with the changes in their own lives. Alissandra realizes that there is more to the inequality beyond just the politics, and Litala is left responsible for a priesthood that grudging looks to her for guidance… when she has been trained to fear making choices for herself.

Marten yet lives, and after a stormy reconciliation and growing passion for both women, connects them with the rebellion. The three face the hostility of people who long for them to be dead and forgotten– and try to make them so– for who and what they are, and forge a peace in their own complicated relationship.

As they dare to uncover the greatest lies which have shaped the face of the land for ages past, they stand united together to lead their people to their forgotten past, and to their new future.

Premise Questions:

* * *

  1. What do I love about this story?The original premise was inspired mainly out of interest in quasi-humans. It was originally a male Avian and a female human. But given the concept of their inequality, it was rapidly apparent that Litala’s history would be one of abuse. After being exposed to the “uber” genre of fancfiction by Jeri at FM, it morphed into a female/female pair. While I was originally intending this to be a serial story, told in many different installations, I decided to rewrite it as a complete novel.

    Marten was added in because I wanted to explore how Litala would react to a male, whom she will associate with her abusers– especially since he is human, like she once was. And at the same time, while she will have to grow strong enough to overcome that (and more), I am very interested in the dynamics of polyamory. Not that that should surprise anyone here… heh.

    It is about overcoming our weaknesses. Alissandra is the strongest of the three of them, but she has not lived as much until the novel starts. The other two have suffered more than she can really come to terms with on a gut level. Litala is withdrawn, introverted, afraid… and she is thrust into the role (which I once thought of Alissandra taking on, and realized there was more conflict if it fell to Litala) of being a religious leader to their people– chosen for that role directly by the Divine. Marten is afraid to trust Alissandra, and very angry at having his child ripped away from her… and his rage and oft-times hatred for his enemies blinds him to the fact that there are good people that do not agree with his world view. He must overcome his prejudice.

    And what greater conflicts are there, than overcoming bigotry, recovering from abuse, spiritual crises, and being helpless in the face of the suffering of another?

  2. Where is your novel set, who is your main character, and what is his main conflict, problem, or goal?I don’t have a name for the continent yet, but it is an isolated land mass inhabited by humans and Avians who abandoned the world at large in ages past. My main characters are the Avian Alissandra, the human Marten, and the human Litala who is transformed into an Avian. The main conflict is the inequality between the humans and the Avians.
  3. What does your protagonist most want, and why?They want to live in a world where life is respected and cherished, with equality between their peoples. They see and live through the results of the way the world currently exists.
  4. What is your your protagonist’s second plot layer? (Maass uses “plot layer” to refer to a subplot directly affecting the main character, such as a romance; storylines relating to other characters are referred to as subplots)The transformation of Litala from human to Avian, and the divine selection of Litala as the Avatar of the Winged Goddess.
  5. What is your protagonist’s third plot layer?The formation of the triad polyamorous relationship between the three characters, and the issues they must overcome to do so.
  6. What is the first subplot?Alissandra’s former Mage mentor orchestrates the attempts on the lives of Marten and Litala out of jealousy that they share Alissandra’s love, which he can never have.
  7. What is the second subplot?The old land, Drel Trano, is not sealed off like the public believes; a portal exists, and it is actively in use by those behind the power of the Triune High Council.
  8. Who is the most important secondary or supporting character, what is her main problem, conflict, or goal, and what does she most want?I don’t know that I have an external secondary character that aids the protagonists; as the three characters are all main characters in their own right and support the goals of each other in the triad. They share a common goal and focus, though each of them has their own personal challenges and biases as well.

    Outside of the three, the most important secondary character would be Thaltron. He was promised as a fledgeling to be mated with Alissandra. Litala being Avian gives Alissandra the right to refuse; if she had remained human, she would not have that right and the priests would have forced the mating. Ultimately, he fights against everything that Alissandra and Litala stand for, until he realizes that he can never have what he wants… because Alissandra is no longer capable of having children as a byproduct of the forced abortion. He is robbed of his desire by the consequences of the very prejudice that he espouses. He then has a chance at redemption, but he must decide if he truly wishes to be saved.

  9. Who is the novel’s antagonist, what is his main problem, conflict, or goal, and what does he most want?Alissandra’s mentor is haunted by the ghost of his former wife (figuratively, not literally). She had an affair with a human, and the pregnancy killed her. He blames humans because of this, though he was never fond of them before that time. He has slipped into a delusional state where he confuses his late wife and Alissandra. He wants Alissandra, wants to be loved by her, and is infuriated by her associations with Litala and Marten.

    He is not the power behind the Mage branch of the Triune High Council, but he is the power behind the figurehead the Mages use in the Council (Archmage Dalforne).



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Finished outline…

I’ve been stalled on this WIP for a while, mainly because I had to come to terms with it changing genres on me. But:

Upon Wings of Hope (Outline)
44 / 44 (100%)

All is good now. 🙂


* * *

  1. Chapter 1 (Alissandra)
    Marten and Alisandra find Valantaro’s journal and discover truth about Avian origins
  2. Chapter 2 (Alissandra)
    Relationship between Marten and Alissandra discovered because Alissandra is pregnant
    Forced abortion due to interspecial birth
  3. Chapter 3 (Alissandra)
    Marten is apparently killed
  4. Chapter 4 (Alissandra)
    Alissandra leaves Drun Aliet and returns to Drun Shonen
  5. Chapter 5 (Litala)
    Litala escapes abuser, ventures outside Drun Shonen
  6. Chapter 6 (Alissandra)
    Notes woman bathing
    Sees woman later at the returning home feast
    Takes her as a personal servant
  7. Chapter 7 (Litala)
    Settling into new duties
    Learning to read
  8. Chapter 8 (Marten)
    Marten is warned by the rebellion while he heals…
  9. Chapter 9 (Alissandra)
    Conflict between Thaltron and Alissandra over the arranged relationship
  10. Chapter 10 (Litala)
    Some human servants attempt to attack Litala
    Calls out to Alissandra
  11. Chapter 11 (Alissandra)
    Breaks off discussion with Thaltron
    Rescues Litala and nearly kills the attackers
  12. Chapter 12 (Litala)
    Gratitude to Alissandra and need for comfort leads to relationship
    Fear about being attacked again
  13. Chapter 13 (Alissandra)
    Takes the matter to the Drun Shonen Council
    Council fines her for damage to the castle but ignores damage to servants
  14. Chapter 14 (Litala)
    Cleaning up, finds the journal of Valantaro
    Leaves Alissandra’s chambers in fear
    Overhears servants talking, the attackers were Thaltron’s servants
  15. Chapter 15 (Alissandra)
    Explains everything to Litala and calms her down
  16. Chapter 16 (Marten)
    Continues his research without Alissandra
    Sends covert message to her letting her know he is alive
  17. Chapter 17 (Alissandra)
    Thaltron pressing for their arranged relationship
    Discusses options with Litala
  18. Chapter 18 (Litala)
    Asks Alissandra to test if she can be changed
    Latent mage-gift present
  19. Chapter 19 (Alissandra)
    Prepares for the ritual
    Changes Litala
  20. Chapter 20 (Litala)
    First flight after the change
    Thaltron orders them arrested when they return to Drun Shonen
  21. Chapter 21 (Alissandra)
    Triune Council is convened
    High Priest travels from Drun Aliet
    Council finds them guilty…
    High Priest falls dead, Litala becomes Avatar
  22. Chapter 22 (Litala)
    Priests take charge of her and protect her
    Explain to her what the Avatar is and what it means
    Litala and Alissandra agree to return to Drun Aliet where the priests have more resources to protect her
  23. Chapter 23 (Alissandra)
    Preparations for return
    Receives message from Marten
    Holds onto it during the trip, doesn’t tell Litala
  24. Chapter 24 (Litala)
    First impressions of Drun Aliet
    Attempt on her life, balked by Alissandra and the priests
    Passes the test of the Avatar, receives the Winged Rod
  25. Chapter 25 (Alissandra)
    Leaves Litala in the care of the Priests and seeks out Marten
  26. Chapter 26 (Litala)
    Asks Alissandra where she went
    Found the note Marten sent her
    Argument ensues, Alissandra storms out
  27. Chapter 27 (Marten)
    Reflects on his role in the rebellion and Alissandra
    Speaks to his contact and relays the news
  28. Chapter 28 (Alissandra)
    Apologizes to Litala in the morning
    Hash out differences and Litala agrees to meet Marten
    Visit from old mentor offering the assistance of the Mages
  29. Chapter 29 (Litala)
    Fitful dreams, fever, visions
    Priests describe it as Awakening-sickness due to her latent magegift
  30. Chapter 30 (Alissandra)
    Works with Marten to research further into the Avian history
  31. Chapter 31 (Litala)
    Working with Alissandra’s old mentor on training her magegift
    First avian was priestess of the winged goddess
    Left journals behind locked within the chambers of the Avatar
  32. Chapter 32 (Marten)
    Comes to a decision point—Alissandra or the Rebellion?
    Meets with Litala, charmed by her
    Tells them both about the Rebellion
  33. Chapter 33 (Alissandra)
    High Council meetings to discuss the will of the Goddess and the treatment of humans
  34. Chapter 34 (Litala)
    Attempts on the life of all 3 of them
    Bonding and lovemaking between the three of them
  35. Chapter 35 (Alissandra)
    Thaltron speaks at the Council meetings for Drun Shonen
    Dissension amongst Avians, Supremacists and Equalists…
  36. Chapter 36 (Marten)
    The 3 meet with the rebellion
  37. Chapter 37 (Alissandra)
    Alissandra finds evidence in records the Rebellion had that some Avians returned to Drel Trano, the old land…
    Schism prompted Avians to assume dominance over the humans, partial exodus to Drel Trano
  38. Chapter 38 (Litala)
    Litala addresses the Council as the Avatar of the Goddess
  39. Chapter 39 (Marten)
    Marten and the Rebellion find out that Alissandra’s mentor has been brokering with Drel Trano in bringing over Avians to extend bloodlines
  40. Chapter 40 (Alissandra)
    High Council roles that humans have no rights, against the will of the Goddess, they are merely property
  41. Chapter 41 (Litala)
    Wingcurl plague sets in as retribution
  42. Chapter 42 (Marten)
    Humans rebel and work with the Equalists and fight to reopen the portal to Drel Trano
    Marten wounds Thaltron
  43. Chapter 43 (Alissandra)
    Mentor kidnaps Litala in the conflict and nearly kills her
    Alissandra tries to save Litala
    Litala kills the mentor
  44. Chapter 44 (Litala)
    Exodus to a new land and a new home
  45. Epilogue



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Wings of Hope Conflicts list…

Personal Conflicts:
Litala wanting security and love
Thaltron wanting Alissandra
Alissandra searching to uncover the truth
Marten trying to free his people
Alissandra seeking comfort and love

Story Conflicts:
The rebellion’s distrust of Avians affecting Alissandra and Litala
Litala’s rape and integrating Marten into the triad
The Avians wanting to keep the status quo
Alissandra’s mentor wanting Alissandra
Alissandra’s mentor wanting to kill Litala and Marten
Litala overcoming her past and becoming a leader/dealing with her powers

Background Conflicts:
Avians struggling against declining population due to lack of bloodlines
Avians hiding interactings with the outside world


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Upon Wings of Hope mini-outline…

Worked out a mini-outline for plotting the book… still a bit rough, but this covers the basic story arc that I want:


  1. Marten and Alisandra find Valantaro’s journal and discover truth about Avian origins
  2. Relationship between Marten and Alissandra discovered, Marten is apparently killed
  3. Alissandra leaves Drun Aliet and returns to Drun Shonen
  4. Alissandra discovers Litala and takes her as a personal servant to help her escape abuse
  5. Conflict between Thaltron and Alissandra over arranged relationship
  6. Marten is warned by the rebellion while he heals…
  7. Some human servants attempt to attack Litala, Alissandra protects her
  8. Eyrie Council settles issue without concern for Litala, Thaltron pressing on relationship
  9. Alissandra transforms Litala into an Avian, Thaltron arranges them to be arrested
  10. Triune Council is convened, High Priest attends, dies as Litala becomes the Avatar of the Winged Goddess
  11. Fallout ensues, priests of the Winged Goddess escort Alissandra and Litala back to Drun Aliet
  12. Alissandra digs further back into history of Avians as Litala deals with the priesthood
  13. Marten hears of Alissandra’s return and the Avatar… seeks her out now that he is healed
  14. Alissandra’s mentor speaks to her and Litala, offers the assistance of the Mages
  15. Litala gets visions and health problems
  16. High Council meetings to discuss the will of the Goddess and the treatment of humans
  17. Thaltron speaks at the Council meetings for Drun Shonen
  18. Attempts on the life of all 3, relationship issues between the 3
  19. Alissandra finds evidence that some Avians returned to Drel Trano, the old land…
  20. Schism prompted Avians to assume dominance over the humans, partial exodus to Drel Trano
  21. Marten and the Rebellion find out that Alissandra’s mentor has been brokering with Drel Trano in bringing over Avians to extend bloodlines
  22. Dissension amongst Avians, Supremacists and Equalists…
  23. High Council roles that humans have no rights, against the will of the Goddess, they are merely property
  24. Wingcurl plague sets in as retribution
  25. Humans rebel and work with the Equalists and fight to reopen the portal to Drel Trano
  26. Exodus to a new land and a new home[/cut]

Upon Wings of Hope (Outline)
26 / 48 (54.17%)


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Upon Wings of Hope…

Continuation of this post:

Regarding #1 and #2… Alissandra’s male lover. I’m thinking that he was a human. While Avian/human relationships do happen from time to time, it’s considered in bad taste. Mainly, screwing a human is ok but forming an emotional attachment to them is bad. Children resulting from such a union– sacrilige.

I’m thinking that he was involved in a human rebellion. He’s arrested at the beginning of the storyline (or just before), and the scandal is that Alissandra loves him. She may not have known that he was involved with the rebellion but is tainted by association and by her attachment to him. She believes that he is executed… but he isn’t.

He doesn’t meet back up with her until later on when Litala has already been chosen as the Avatar of the Winged Goddess. Which should be some interesting conflict:

a.) She thought he died
b.) He thought she abandoned him
c.) Litala, having been raped many times, is very scared of males. Involving him in their relationship should be… complicated.

Ultimately, having the three of them eventually work out a poly relationship is the goal; he will remain human to show that humans are equal to the Avians… the solution is not to make everyone Avian but to respect both races.

Need to figure out how he gets reintroduced and how things tie in with the rebellion. Is he freed by them, does he escape on his own, or do the Avians release him after getting whatever they want out of him?

Also need to figure out what his rank/role is… was he a servant at the university she studied at, her personal servant while she was there, or?

How involved is he with the rebellion? Ie, what rank is he in that? How do they react to him being involved with Alissandra and eventually Litala?

Definite food for thought here…


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Upon the Wings of Hope…


Alternate realm where a winged race of humans rule over the land. Earthbound humans are servants/soldiers/slaves. One woman (Litala) has been a drudge for most of her life– beaten and raped by several of the servants she works with. Whe she sneaks away to a stream to bathe one day, one of the avians takes note of her and how beautiful she is (when not in drudge uniform). She catches a glimpse of her, but she flies away.

Feast is proclaimed in honor of a returning mage who has been at court for many years. She hears many rumors about the mage while cleaning and doing fetching tasks for the feast. Litala steals a look during the feast, and Wingmage Alissandra is the one who saw her bathing. She notices Litala, who flees, fearing a beating or worse.

Alissandra asks around the next day, and eventually tracks Litala down. Her personality intrigues Alissandra, and the avian finds out what’s been done to her. She purchases Litala’s bond, and summons her. Alissandra detests a lot of what the Avians let happen, and is determined to change that. To that end, she enlists Litala’s help. As a human, she can’t help, but Alissandra can make her an Avian. Together they can make changes, bettering the lot of the humans, and preventing abuse from going unchecked simply because “they’re earthbound, who cares?”.


Outline so far…
Chapter 1: Alissandra

Alissandra in Drun Aliet receives message from Thaltron
Sent in disgrace from Drun Aliet to return to Drun Shonen
Packs up some of the forbidden books which she found

Chapter 2: Litala

Cornered by abuser but manages to break free
Spoils her task in the process
Master of the Kitchens sends her out to gather herbs
Bathing in the stream, overseen by an Avian

Chapter 3: Alissandra

Return flight to Drun Shonen
Oversees woman bathing in the stream
Returns to the castle, greeted by her kindred
Festival ordered in honor of her return

Chapter 4: Litala

Hears of return of a Wingmage from Drun Aliet
Master of Kitchens rushing around to organize feast on short notice
Feast served… Litala notices Alissandra, recognition between them

Chapter 5: Alissandra

Morning after the feast, asks around about the drudge
Male Avian guard refers her to the Master of the Kitchens
Visits the MoK and discusses her…
Litala’s arm has been broken by an attacker that morning
Disgusted with her treatment, Alissandra buys her bondprice
Sends for the girl to be cleaned and livery arranged

Chapter 6: Litala

Summoned by her new mistress
Alissandra investigates the marks of abuse and makes list of healing components
Litala inquires about her duties, confesses that she does not know how to read
Alissandra casts a spell that enables her to read…
Spell will fade in time but the knowledge will not, sets her to reading

Chapter 7: Alissandra

???insert running some multi-hour errand???

Chapter 8: Litala

Cleaning up around Alissandra’s chambers, finds forbidden books
Starts reading and is horrified at the heresy contained within
Alissandra returns and Litala starts freaking out

Chapter 9: Alissandra

Confides the reason she was banished from Drun Aliet
Explains that the forbidden books are true
Pledges to help the cause of humanity and stop the Avian oppression of their wingless kindred
Heals Litala’s broken arm and other hurts that have been done to her (Heals scars)

??Sex scene in between here, or after fight??

Chapter ??: Alissandra

Thaltron visits Alissandra, Litala sent out to do errands
Thaltron presses his claim upon Alissandra, as they were promised to each other when fledglings
Alissandra begins to refuse but abandons the discussion when she feels Litala in danger

Chapter ??: Litala

Sent to fetch items for Alissandra while she talks to Thaltron
Visits the lower keep where the Magekeeper resides
On the way back is waylaid by two Avians who recognize her
Avians attempt to rape her, she calls out empathically for help

Chapter ??: Alissandra

Follows Litala’s empathic call to the room where they are holding her
Blows the door inward explosively
Fights the two Avians and nearly kills them
Stopped by Thaltron, who indicates enough damage has been done on the account of an earthbound servant

Chapter ??: Alissandra

Brings matter before the Drun Shonen Council
Fights for greater status and protection of the humans
Current law only allows for minor monetary recompense for the injury to a personal servant
Alissandra is fined for damage done to the castle, excused from damaging the Avians as she was protecting her chattel
Still debating in the Council

Chapter ??: Litala

Overhears other servants whispering in the corridor
The Avians who attacked her were Thaltron’s servants
Fearful, pleads with Alissandra to do something to protect her

Chapter ??: Alissandra

Council adjourns with no further progress, Alissandra frustrated
Thaltron presses his claim upon her, she tries to reject
He warns that he will bring it to the priests to force her into abiding by the will of the Eyrie

Chapter ??: Alissandra

Desperate plan… cast the spell in the journal of the Mage Valantaro
Turning Litala into an Avian will grant her rank and status where she will be protected by their laws
Having chosen a mate that the Council will have to recognize, Alissandra will be protected from Thaltron’s claim
Magic ritual — ten feathers plucked from Alissandra
Quills are sharpened and set into Litala’s back
Runes enscribed in black henna, magic called and Litala is Changed

Chapter ??: Litala
First flight with Alissandra… freedom and joy in the ecstasy of the wind
Land as she tires, Thaltron is waiting and orders them to be arrested
Alissandra claims the right of a Triune Council
Litala sent to the dungeons, Alissandra confined in her chambers

Chapter ??: Alissandra
Triune Council convenes after several days
Court is held, judgement is made against them
Litala is deemed Abomination and will be destroyed and her ashes scattered to the winds
Alissandra is to be stripped of her magic and given into the keeping of Thaltron
As the High Priest of the Winged Goddess comes down from his chair raving at Litala, he steps in a pool of light and is killed
The other two Councillors cry foul magic, Litala walks into the light and emerges with golden feathers
Chosen as the new Avatar of the Winged Goddess– unseen for a century or more[/cut]

Thoughts/questions (suggestions and/or further questions welcome):

1.) Alissandra left Drun Aliet in disgrace… what happened?

2.) Alissandra has had a male partner before… who was he and why did they part?

3.) The Avatar of the Goddess was last seen over a century ago… what changed that the Goddess turned her back on the Avians?

4.) Why don’t (more?) humans revolt at the oppression of the Avians?

5.) How did the book Alissandra found get lost in the library… and how did the origin of the Avians become so twisted?

6.) What is the governmental structure of the Avians?

7.) What is the religious structure?

8.) Why don’t the humans have magic on par with the Avians? Because over time most of the magically-inclined humans that travelled with the original mage who invented the process to change into an Avian chose to do so. While magic is not specifically genetically inherited, it does tend to pass down through bloodlines. As a result, the “strain” of humans present tend towards those not magically inclined. (You need to have magical talent to go through the Avian transformation… pure mundanes cannot be changed.)


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The Wings shorts were originally going to be in serial form, but after several discussions with I’ve decided to go ahead and rework this as a stand-alone novel. So… major outlinage to do.

On the Wings of Hope (outline)
9 / 40 (22.50%)


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Moved over my liquor collection and some boxed foodstuff over to the new place, along with a dehumidifier, a box of magazines, and two large plastic bins of misc. stuff and computer equipment (cables, fans, etc). Watered the faux bonsai, which seems to be perking up with the light that it’s getting now. Need to give it some fertilizer/plant food later.

Did 886 words on “Wings of Hope”. 1 more scene and it’s done… then I get to move onto #2 (“Wings of Love”) which gets really interesting…. can’t wait.

Watched “Serendipity” today with John Cusak and Kim Beckinsdale… very sappy movie. Liked it a lot (yes, I watch romantic movies. Sue me.), but reminded me of the fact that I’m alone. Loneliness sucks. Also reminded me of Joy… every so often I try to find her, but I’ve yet to succeed. Ah well. Maybe someday…

Off to sleep before work.



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