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Chapter 17 Snippet

It’s been some time since I updated this blog, so here’s a snippet for your patience:

They rode in silence, neither really in the mood for small talk. Glenn pulled into the parking lot behind his apartment, and unlocked the security door to the building. As he held it open for Shiobhan, she “accidentally” brushed up against him with her ass. He grinned and ushered her up the carpeted stairs towards his apartment, tossing his keys on the empty counter and lightly kicking the door closed behind them.

Shiobhan smiled, wrapping her arms around him, running the palms of her hands up along the muscles of his back, pushing him towards her. Their lips met, igniting the passion that had sparked in every silent look they had shared on the ride over. He pulled her closer, his hands sliding down to cup her ass as her body molded against his. She fit against him like she belonged with him, like she had always belonged with him, a missing part that completed him when he hadn’t even realized he was incomplete. “Gods,” he said when the kiss finally ended, shaking his head.

“What?” she asked, unzipping her jacket and hanging it on the back of a chair.

“I had no idea what I was missing,” he said with frank honesty. “It’s been a long time since I felt a fraction of the passion…” Shaking his head again, he took off his coat as well. “Where are my manners?” he asked, crossing the kitchen to the fridge. “Would you like something to drink?”

“Sure. What do you have?”

“Killians, water…” Taking a sniff of the milk container and wincing, he set it back in the fridge and kept looking. “That’s about it, actually. Sorry, we usually keep things stocked a bit better, but…”

“Killians is fine,” she said, smiling as he popped the top of the bottle and handed it over to her. He started to reach into a cupboard for a glass, but she raised the beer to her mouth and drank, her lips wrapping around the bottle while her eyes looked straight at him.

Damned if she isn’t a lively one, he thought to himself, taking a long swig of his own bottle.

“So what’s with the decoration?” Shiobhan asked, looking around the empty apartment.

“You like it? I thought I’d go for a new look– noveux Spartan, I like to call it.” Sighing, he said, “Truth is, Melissa cleaned out just about everything that was hers or ours. She left my stuff alone, but if she had any claim to it, it’s gone.” He shrugged and took another drink. “Truth is, in a way I’m kind of glad. A clean break is always quickest to heal, and now I don’t have anything to remind me of her. She’s obviously not who I thought she was, so I think it’s for the best.” His gaze roved over her, suddenly hungry. “But you didn’t come here to hear me talk about her.”

“Indeed,” she said, slipping out of her shoes. “I assume there’s still a bed left?”

“Bought and paid for long before I met her.”

“Good.” She slid her blouse over her head and dropped it on the floor before unzipping her jeans and stepping out of them. Standing before him in a dark red lace bra and panties, she crooked a finger and then turned to walk towards the other room. Glenn swallowed, his eyes drawn to her curves, the smooth white flesh, the sway of her hips as she moved. Tossing him a look over her shoulder, she asked, “Are you coming?”



It’s been a long time since I updated. I’ve finished chapter 13 and am currently working on chapter 14 now. I had intended to get a story into Forbidden Publications for their Valentine’s Day theme, but didn’t manage to get it done in time. Life’s been pretty hectic, dealing with the stress of financial and health issues. There’s more info on that on my personal LiveJournal, if you’re so inclined.

Since it’s been a while, here’s a snippet from chapter 13:

Taking another drink of coffee, he said, “Vincent called around to some of the other Packs, to see if it was a Pack war he hadn’t been told about. Turns out that some of the other Packs have run into similar situations. We usually leave a few folks behind when we hunt to keep the den safe, but that’s over now. Word is, someone’s hunting us—and that’s pretty bad news. What’s worse is we haven’t found any of the missing, not a trace. Just vanished as if they never existed. Don’t even turn up any bodies afterwards.”

“That’s horrible,” Shiobhan said. “Any ideas what’s going on?”

“Jordan has a theory. He thinks some humans have figured out about us and have declared war. He’s a paranoid bastard, but I’m not sure he’s wrong. Whomever is doing it is good—not a trace left behind, and we have very good tracking senses, let me tell you. Possibly military or one of the government agencies with initials for names.” Sighing, he said, “Problem is, Jordan isn’t for waiting to catch the bastards responsible. He’s about ready to take the Pack on the offensive and start bringing the fight to humans.” Looking up, he met her eyes squarely and said, “And he doesn’t really care about getting innocents involved.”

Speechless, Shiobhan just stared at him while her brain tried to process what he’d just said. “You mean…”

“I mean he’s about to take the Pack and start hunting humans.”


Progress :)

I just realized that I haven’t updated this in some time. I took the last part of October off as I got sick with a nasty bug, but I did finish up chapter 6 in October and just finished chapter 7 today. Hurray for progress 🙂

A quick snippet:

She reached into her purse and pulled out a vial, checking the label and nodding in satisfaction. Opening it, she dabbed a few drops on her fingers and moved to the side of his bed. Leaning forward, she placed her fingers on each of his temples and gently began rubbing the oil in. He breathed deep, smelling something crisp and clean, as the coolness of the liquid and the gentleness of her touch seemed to pull the pain back. Realizing that he had instinctively closed his eyes in pleasure, he reopened them to realize he was staring down her shirt at a delightful expanse of soft skin, and closed them again.

He opened his eyes again when she was finished, and looked around in amazement as his vision seemed sharper and clearer. Shaking his head, he felt no remnants of pain or tension, the fog that had been clouding his mind gone. “I have no clue what was in that, but that certainly worked miracles.”

Smiling, she handed him the small bottle. “Here, keep this. Hopefully, you won’t need it, but if you do, you’ll have it handy.”

“Thank you,” he said with sincerity. “I was thinking of heading there tomorrow around nine, I figure it’ll be dark by then and I’ll have a better chance of remembering if it’s as close to the other night as possible.”

“We’ll see you there, then, Mr. Chase– Glenn.”

“Count on it.” He watched the two leave, part of his mind wondering what their deal was, another part concerned that they were right and her sister being kidnapped was the reason he’d been attacked. Neither part objected to watching Shiobhan walk away… only that she disappeared from sight far too quickly.

Hope you all had a happy Samhain / Halloween! And good luck to everyone participating in NaNoWriMo. You’ll need it!


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On a roll…

Managed to finish up Chapter 4 after working on it today at work and yesterday before work, coming in at 1595 words. Have another snippet:

She made her way to East Andrews Hall without further incident and found Room 110. Taking a deep breath, she knocked on the door before she lost her nerve and chickened out.

The door cracked open and a girl with purple spiked hair answered. “Yeah?”

“Hi, I’m Shiobhan McGowan. I was looking to see if my sister was home?”

“Jennifer,” the girl said, holding out her hand as she opened the door the rest of the way. “You must be the ‘devil worshipping freak’ my roommate’s talked about. Speaking as one freak to another freak, glad to meet you.”

Shiobhan shook hands with Jennifer and stepped into the room, smiling as she felt the cool embrace of the wards around the room welcoming her. “Indeed. Merry meet, and nicely done,” she said, hands indicating the shields.

“What she doesn’t know won’t hurt her– the opposite, in fact– and I have to live here, too. But, no, Sarah’s not here now.” A frown crossed her face as she stopped to think. “Actually, I didn’t see her come home last night. I was a little out of it, coming home from a campus GBLT meeting, and was too tired to think anything of it. But it’s not like her.”

“Any idea where she might be?” Shiobhan asked, the uneasy feeling settling in her stomach with an increasing weight. “My father asked me to check in on her, and I’m a bit worried.”

“Not really,” Jennifer admitted. “We don’t exactly run in the same social circle, I’m sure you can imagine.”

For any readers interested in following the whole story as I write it, I’ve set up a mailing list via Gmail to send chapters out to folks. This seems to be working fairly well for some fellow writers of mine so I figured I’d hop on the bandwagon. Anyways, just drop me a line with your email address and I’ll catch you up and add you to the list for further chapters.

Also got some rampaging plotbunnies that gave me some more details about the end of the book and the sequel to come. Not everything is what it appears to be… *cackle*



Finished up chapter 3 of Providence Paranormal for a total count of 1460 words.

Chapter 4 shifts back to Shiobhan’s POV, which– right now– is where the action is at. Glenn’s next chapter should have more, but right now he’s still trying to figure out what happened to put him into the hospital. And, more importantly, why.

Have another snippet 🙂

Just another mushroom, fed bullshit and kept in the dark, he thought grimly. If something bigger was going on, the way his gut told him it was, then last night was no accident. The cops might not be inclined to follow up on one more random act of violence, but that didn’t mean he couldn’t. He promised himself that he’d look into things as his head started pounding and he gagged with sudden nausea. Bright lights appeared from out of nowhere, swirling and strobing with a painful intensity.

Staggering, he made it back to the bed– barely– and hit the call button before the darkness surrounded him. His vision faded from him, first grey, then black, deepening until a pindrop of red exploded within and he felt no more.


September Progress

September wasn’t too bad to me, ignoring financial issues. Managed to get 2623 words for the month– not a lot to some of you, but that’s slightly higher than my yearly average. If I was managing to write every day it would be a lot higher, but my biggest problem with writing is that I don’t do it consistantly enough. Partly due to work and partly due to discipline.

Anyways. I figure I’m about halfway through the 3rd chapter of Providence. Here’s a snippet for you folks:

“Okay, hon. Rest up and I’ll send the doctor in in a moment.” He caught himself staring at her shapely ass as she walked out the door and reminded himself, You’re engaged now… stop checking out every chick you see.

Yeah, right, like that’s going to happen, his more rebellious side argued, and he sighed. He took stock of the room, standard hospital issue, white walls, uncomfortable chairs, TV tuned to some morning talk-show. Politics… not something he really cared to listen to anymore. He picked up the remote and flipped through the channels, finding nothing but more of the same old early morning crap he never bothered watching. Can’t they get a bloody TiVo in here or something? Christ.

Chapter 3 is going a bit slow because there isn’t a lot of action/conflict involved yet. I have some ideas that I’ve been thinking about to spice it up a bit, but they really belong in another chapter or two later. He still has to talk to the cop about his assault, and then in chapter 4, Shiobhan goes looking for her sister and meets her sister’s roommate.



Productive morning today… did work on catching up a bit on the Above & Beyond homework and finished up Chapter 2 of the paranormal. It’s coming along nicely.

Snippet from “the call”:

Shiobhan took the phone from Taz and headed through the back room, sitting down in the chair before speaking. “Hi, dad.”

“Joan? Is that you?” he asked.

“It’s Shiobhan, dad, not Joan.”

“We named you Joan. That’s what it says on the birth certificate. It’s a fine Christian name… I still don’t understand why you felt you needed to change it to your nickname.”

“We’ve had that argument too many times before for me to want to have it again right now.” She mentally counted to one hundred, trying to keep calm. For some reason, he always manages to push just the right buttons to piss me off faster than almost anybody else. “Why are you calling? Is Sorcha all right?”

He sighed, and she realized with the sound that he was getting old. It wasn’t a sigh of frustration or anger, but the sigh of a man past his prime, faced with something he didn’t know how to handle. “Yes and no. It’s hard to explain. I’m not even where to start.” Pausing for a moment, he added, “Or if I even should. Look, there have been some things I kept from you when we’ve talked lately… not that we’ve talked much at all, lately.”

“I know.” Silence stretched across the phone, growing more awkward by the moment. “I live my life the way I believe, and you don’t approve. You’ve made that clear on virtually every occasion that you’ve had the opportunity to do so since Mom died. It’s hard to talk to you when your first reaction is to criticize who I am and what I do.” Tears sprung back up in her eyes, tracing down her cheeks again as she reached for a tissue on the receiving table.

1490 words today… been a while since I’ve written that much in basically one sitting.



Started chapter 2 of the paranormal today. Chapter 1 needs some revision, but I decided to set it aside for now and move onward. I need to add more description to the first scene to foreshadow events later on, but really… that’s not important right now. The important part is the conflict that’s brewing in the second chapter. I spent more time in the setup than I thought I would, but I think it’s good. 🙂

Snippet from chapter 1:

As she and Kelly finished bringing in the last of the plants, Taz looked up from one of his books and said, “Oh, someone called for you, Shiobhan… at least, I think it was for you. Said he was looking for the owner, but he said her name was Joan. Didn’t leave a message.”

Goosebumps ran over her skin, and she nearly dropped the pot she was holding. “Shiobhan is the Gaelic version of Joan. Did he leave a name?”

“James, I think,” Taz said. “Hung up before I could say much other than you weren’t here. Seemed like a bit of an asshole, to be honest. Really snotty.” He shrugged and went back to studying his calculus book.

“Ain’t that the truth,” Shiobhan muttered.

Kelly looked over at Shiobhan with concern, never having seen her so rattled before. “Who is he? Some stalker ex of yours or something?”

“No,” she said. “Worse than that. Much worse than that. He’s my father.”

I’ve written 4 days so far this month. That’s good and bad… hurray for progress, but that’s small considering how far into the month we are. I dropped my David and Goliath goal down to 100 because I don’t see myself hitting 7500 words this month. I am, however, over halfway to 3000 words.


Snippet from Savage Lands #1…

I’ve been thinking about WIPs and wanted to do something like a serial while I’m going through A&B with Luzon and Wings… and a little plotbunny popped up. Here’s the start…

Disclaimer: blood, death.
Genre: urban fantasy/dark fantasy
Word Count: 411


* * *

The vampire raised his head from his kill, blood dripping slowly from his mouth and his fangs as he hissed at me in anger. I held up my hands in a non-aggressive stance, backing away slowly with both eyes focused squarely on him, watching the muscles bunching and tensing in his body. Shit, I thought, he’s going to go for it.

Letting the body of the emaciated girl he had been feeding upon drop to the ground, he sprang towards me, his hands outstretched like claws. I reached towards my shoulder with one hand, and my hip with the other, drawing my sword and shotgun at the same time. I managed to fire one barrel of the sawed-off before he slammed into me, wounding him but not doing enough damage. Then again, if he ain’t dead-dead, it ain’t enough damage, I thought wryly as the impact sent us both tumbling on the ground and causing me to lose my grip on my sword.

He pinned me to the ground with inhuman strength, reaching forward to drink from my neck. I smiled as I poked the barrel of the sawed-off to his chest and pulled the trigger, splattering blood and bone as the force of the blast threw him off of me. Wiping the gore from my face, I watched him flopping on the ground, his body already starting to heal the gaping wound in his chest. Not the heart… damn, I’m slipping in my old age.

Reaching down to pick up my sword from where it had fallen, I paused as I felt a chill trickle over my skin as the temperature dropped several degrees in the span of a few seconds. Shitshitshit, I thought, grabbing the blade and scanning the area. To my left, and to my right, I saw the tell-tale wisps of black fog surfacing, drifting against the wind towards the vampire as they formed into humanoid shapes. Backing away slowly at first, and quicker as none of the amorphous shapes drifted to me, I abandoned the kill.

The screams of the vampire broke through the ruins as I jogged away, unearthly in tone and lasting longer than was humanly possible. Better him than I, though. I will feed no wraiths this night. A sudden silence fell, ringing with its emptiness, marking the end of the wraiths’ meal. Shrugging at the vampire’s fate, I paused to reload the shotgun and continued my hunt.



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Another Wings of Love snippet

This is where things start to get going 🙂

[cut]As the mage set aside the ring, Litala came towards her. Reaching her arms towards Alissandra, they embraced and kissed again, passionately as the heat of her bare body was clear through the mage’s clothing. Releasing the clasp behind her neck, Litala drew back the velvet that crossed Alissandra’s breasts, smiling at her pert nipples as she unwrapped the drape around her waist. No tunics could be fashioned to be comfortable to the Avians, but wraps left the wings free and served the purpose just as well. Running her hands over the mage’s back, around her breasts, and lightly touching upon her nipples, Litala sighed in pleasure at the feel of skin on skin. Reaching lower, she slid one hand into Allissandra’s pantaloons even as she took her breast into her mouth. The mage shivered and gasped as she felt the woman’s hand cupping the heat of her sex and teasing her nipple at the same time, a flood of dampness rushing through her loins.

Sliding her feet out of her sandals, she slid off her pantaloons speedily while Litala put a finger in her mouth, tasting the mage’s excitement. The woman walked over to the bed, sliding onto the velvet blanket and then rising up, showing the round curve of her buttocks. Spreading her legs, she gave a sultry glance to the mage over her shoulder as her sex and breasts were clearly visible. Allissandra shivered at the heat of the glance, her own desire pounding harder through her veins, her skin tingling and flushed.

Furling her wings carefully, the mage joined Litala on the bed, running hands over her body from her neck down her shoulders, tracing a path around to cup her breasts before sliding down to her thighs. Brushing her own breasts against Litala’s back, she embraced the woman as they laid down on the bed, tangled together. Kissing each other passionately, tongues exploring each other’s mouths, the woman shifted under the mage to lay her back against the bed.[/cut]


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