may_14_websiteWondering about the strange woman behind the curtain, eh? (All right, never mind the fact that there is no curtain. 😉 )

I’m Nonny Blackthorne. I’ve written under various pen names over the years. Unfortunately, they are no longer available at the moment, but I’ll be launching my own independent publishing company in 2015 (and you may see some old favorites again), so stay tuned!

What do I write? Usually, books that can be categorized under fantasy with romantic elements, whether it be urban fantasy or secondary world fantasy. If you’re interested in reading some of my short fiction, please check out the Free Reads link above. In addition, I have some essays on writing, feminism, representation in fiction, and various issues with the SFF genre, available to read on my blog or my LiveJournal/Dreamwidth (these posts are public).

Currently, I’m an admin for the award-winning Romance Divas writing community.

As for the “mundane” details, I live in the Western Washington area with my fiance, our roommates, several nutjob cats, and three snakes. Oh, and way too many computers to count. For the not-so-mundane, I’m a polyamorous mostly lesbian non-theistic pagan disabled feminist writer goth chick. I end up looking at things, well, from the outside of the box. Think square peg, screw round hole. 🙂

If you want to contact me, there’s multiple ways to do so:
The Blog

Blog/LJ/DW Note: My blog here at nonnyblackthorne.com is specifically for writing-related and loosely personal topics. Prepare to find rants, raves, snippets, progress updates, and the odd “real life”-related post. I also keep a personal LiveJournal as well as a mirrored version on Dreamwidth, and I have an open friending policy. Unless there’s a good reason for me not to do so, I’ll friend you back (disclaimer: whenever I get around to checking who’s friended me recently). I’m very open and frank (also a curmudgeon before my time, and I don’t hold back) on my LJ. I have a filter system set-up, so if you’re interested, please check my top level post and let me know what you are interested in reading. 🙂