Progress & Title Change…

March 16

Did some 414 words this morning on Providence, kicking off Chapter 15. I’m not sure exactly what I want to do with this chapter; I know the first half of it, but I can keep it just to Shiobhan and Robert, or have Glenn come back and get involved in the conversation. Really not sure just yet. Cleaned up the outline the other day, but haven’t really planned out the next set of chapters yet. Need to do that soon– before I can finish 15, I think.

Also, I’ve decided to finally give Providence a tentative title: “Blood of the Goddess”. There’s two meanings to this, which won’t be clear until the end of the book, but I think it fits. I was going to try to use a theme for the whole series, but I’m not sure that’s going to happen. Guess I’ll take it as they come, one step at a time.

(Disclaimer: rant ahead.) And can we pretty please get rid of the fucking snow and freezing temperatures already? I want my damn spring already, my arthritis is sick and tired of winter, thank you very much.


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