Further Plottage…

November 25

So, I’ve been thinking about Glenn and really think that he needs to be more prominent in the story. Which is fine, because I think I can put him as the POV character again for chapter 9. Don’t need to focus on Shiobhan as she deals with filing police report and such– but rather, I can focus on his emotions as he deals with his breakup with Melissa. And the breakdown of the magical bonds that she placed on him…

Also have a few other subplots that I need to develop soon:

  • Introduce the cultists Melissa is working with
  • Show that Sorcha is alive
  • Amp up the attraction between Shiobhan and Glenn (this is something that I need to revise into Chapter 1, as well…)
  • Involve what help Robert needs from Shiobhan

I can probably do the first two– if not three– in the next chapter with Glenn. I’m thinking he has a dream when he’s in the hospital, his magical gift all the stronger for having been contained/shielded by Melissa. He can see the cultists with Sorcha, showing she is alive, and showing some interaction between them and Melissa– though he doesn’t realize that it’s her. (Don’t want the readers figuring it out quite yet.) And when he’s dealing with the aftermath of the breakup, Shiobhan keeps intruding on his thoughts…

But Robert does need to play into this as well… he needed help from Shiobhan, and he’s been good about putting Sorcha above himself at the moment. But that can’t last forever, because he’s dealing with a deadline… and it’s something he will have to face. Possibly related to a Pack issue? Or someone hunting shifters? Not sure yet, he’s been fairly tight-lipped even to me… will have to crack his shell open soon and get more out of him other than he wants Shiobhan back (which she won’t let happen). Once burned, twice shy… she’s over him, or at least enough that she isn’t hooking back up with him again.


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