A map and a plan…

October 15

Finished up chapter 5 yesterday, which fulfilled my goal of 3 chapters in September & October for Evolution’s Novel Mission. Yay 🙂 I’ve gotten too used to not meeting any goal that I set for the longest time, it really feels nice to actually hit one for once.

Did some brainstorming in chat, as I was in a bit of an indecisive quandry about where the story was going next. I mean, I know the overall plot and the story end (or at least parts of the end), but it’s the journey that I’m somewhat clueless on. But after thinking about the way it’s been going and what’s going on right now, and the larger conflicts in play, I managed to piece together a string of the next few chapters (through to chapter 8). This is a good thing, because nothing stops me colder in my tracks than wondering, “So what happens next, again?”

So, now I have a map and a plan, time to get back to it.


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