September Progress

October 02

September wasn’t too bad to me, ignoring financial issues. Managed to get 2623 words for the month– not a lot to some of you, but that’s slightly higher than my yearly average. If I was managing to write every day it would be a lot higher, but my biggest problem with writing is that I don’t do it consistantly enough. Partly due to work and partly due to discipline.

Anyways. I figure I’m about halfway through the 3rd chapter of Providence. Here’s a snippet for you folks:

“Okay, hon. Rest up and I’ll send the doctor in in a moment.” He caught himself staring at her shapely ass as she walked out the door and reminded himself, You’re engaged now… stop checking out every chick you see.

Yeah, right, like that’s going to happen, his more rebellious side argued, and he sighed. He took stock of the room, standard hospital issue, white walls, uncomfortable chairs, TV tuned to some morning talk-show. Politics… not something he really cared to listen to anymore. He picked up the remote and flipped through the channels, finding nothing but more of the same old early morning crap he never bothered watching. Can’t they get a bloody TiVo in here or something? Christ.

Chapter 3 is going a bit slow because there isn’t a lot of action/conflict involved yet. I have some ideas that I’ve been thinking about to spice it up a bit, but they really belong in another chapter or two later. He still has to talk to the cop about his assault, and then in chapter 4, Shiobhan goes looking for her sister and meets her sister’s roommate.


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