Providence plotting…

September 20

Further plottage for Providence paranormal. Went rereading through the first two chapters and realized how much I like this story and do want to work on it. But I had a lot of questions about it and wasn’t sure what was going on. So I sat down and did some freewriting to help get me past this block.

Notes under the cut… some of these refer to the previous notes I had made.

Shiobhan’s ex-lover Robert is a Lycan shaman. A major part of his attitude problems with the coven and with Shiobhan were due to trying to hide who and what he was. Denying himself was not something he could do, and live with himself at the same time, especially when he was unable to participate in many key rituals with the coven– and yet be unable to give a good reason as to why. Ultimately he comes back to Providence to come clean with Shiobhan and the others, but finds that Shiobhan has moved on since he left. He’s an asshole at times, but he really is a decent guy. (Potential partner for a followup… either with Kelly, or with Sorcha? Possibly Sorcha, not Kelly… I think Kelly will hold out for a female partner or Taz, when Taz grows up a bit and gets his shit together.)

Kelly and Shiobhan have dated before Shiobhan hired her, but things never got very deep and Shiobhan ended things before hiring Kelly.

Glenn is either a mundane, or a latent Talent. He finds it hard to believe what Shiobhan has done for him, and when she saves him again, but ultimately must come to accept her word that the world is more complex than he has believed.

Sorcha is abducted while out at a club. Several other women have disappeared as well. Someone is collecting a Harvest for a vampire to re-Awaken her from her hibernation. The herb-witch is an adjunct to those working with the vampire, worshipping it as a goddess.

Glenn’s fiancee is the herb-witch. Somehow he has either learned something– or she thinks he has learned something– that would comprimise their plans. Since she was mainly after him for his money, she plans to cut her losses and attempts to kill him. An attempt that would have been successful if Shiobhan had not interfered.

No. She wasn’t after him for his money… he does have a latent Talent. She’s been using her gifts to psychically feed from him, boosting her power as a result. The herbwitch seeks to become the right hand woman of the sleeping vampire, and ultimately be turned herself. She found the crypt and rallied the cultists to bring her to Providence where her power base is.

Glen is tied to the club Sorcha disappeared from somehow. Manager? Owner? Bouncer? Lately he’s been breaking free of the herbwitch’s taps and is drawn to situations where people are in danger. (Possible one of his talents is empathy?) She has realized this and wants to eliminate him before he breaks free completely considering how close his is to everything going on around him.

He’s a bouncer. Ex-marine? Army? Some military background, either honorably discharged or medically discharged. Hmm. I like the medical discharge, gives more room for conflict if he’s got a physical weakness that does not normally impact him, but will need Shiobhan to heal him at some point or he will die. He has connections with other ex-military folks as well, which might be useful if things come down to a pitched battle against the cultists.


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