August 15

Sorry I haven’t posted updates in a bit, things have been rather hectic with the server problems (which should be resolved now that Evo is moved over to the RackForce server…), the abysmal heat (which has cooled down, thank all the gods), and more health issues (which seem to have somewhat stabilized).

I’d like to thank the good folks over at Cobblestone Press for the wonderful Q&A session they did over at Evolution. It was a lot of fun and I know that I for one learned quite a bit from it.

In more personal news, I’ve shelved the Providence paranormal for the moment. I’m stepping away from novel length projects at the moment and I’m working on some novella ideas that, ideally, I’d like to submit over to Cobblestone. Ironically enough, none of them are paranormal!

Now I just need to figure out which one to work on… Blind Date, Hitting the Books, or Love at First Kiss. Leaning towards Hitting the Books, but we’ll have to see.


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