Plot threads for Providence…

May 21

Going through and identifying some of the plot threads for the paranormal:

  • A dark herbwitch is trying to kill Glen
  • Conflict between Shiobhan and the dark herbwitch
  • Romantic tension between Shiobhan and Glen
  • Conflict between Shiobhan and her father James due to her religion
  • Conflict between Shiobhan and her sister Sorcha due to her religion
  • Danger that Sorcha is threatened by
  • Plot line that connects Glen and what threatens Sorcha (I assume that the dark herbwitch is involved, but why? And how does this tie together more directly with Glen?)
  • Conflict from Shiobahn’s ex-lover, Robert — who was kicked out of Kelly’s coven for his behavior (Was it just his personality or was he dabbling in the dark?)
  • Past romance between Kelly and Shiobhan? (Undecided on this one… there is attraction between them, but I could see Shiobhan resisting it given that Kelly works for her.)
  • Conflict between Shiobhan and the coven… they want her to rejoin, she thinks she needs to do things alone.

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