May 17

Take a look at this, linked from Alison Kent: To Blazes with RITA.

Then read Alison’s latest post: One Woman’s Porn.

My comment, currently at the bottom:

To be honest, I’m somewhat surprised with all the hubub and furor over the RWA that someone hasn’t started something like “Erotic / Romantic Writers Association” (made up, not intended to confuse people who know ERWA as “Erotica Readers & Writers Association”) which would have a completely different judging system than the RITAs, acknowledge the pro epubbers, and tip the hat to minorites… 3 issues that RWA has not addressed to anyone’s satisfaction. (I’d add in GBLT romance as well, but I don’t know RWA well enough to know their stance on that… I’m just assuming that they don’t support alt-romance at all if they aren’t supporting erotic romance.)

I personally don’t intend on joining RWA. Romance isn’t the only genre I write in, but when I do, it will be on the steamier side of things and at least sometimes involve alt-romances.

RWA needs to step up to the plate and let folks know that they’re not stuck in the past with the category romances that are shutting down one line after the other. If they don’t, then they’re making themselves irrelevant and it’s time for someone new to replace them.

In my opinion? I don’t think they have much time left to do an about face.

Nonny confirmed that RWA is against GBLT romances as well.

How relevant is RWA to modern romance?

In my, perhaps biased, opinion… RWA should score itself as “not a romance”.


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2 responses to “RWA

  1. ammepyre

    May 17, 2006 at 9:05 am

    Honestly….I’ve never been a proponent of RWA — mainly because frankly having to pay national dues and then having to pay chapter dues is really idiotic.

    However, all the RWA bashing from non-RWA members isn’t going to accomplish anything and really serves no purpose. As long as people continue to sign up and pay their dues RWA, like any group, doesn’t care. And, as long as people who get frustrated by RWA’s attitude leave the group and don’t attempt to work any change inside the system itself, again — RWA will continue as it always has.

    Sounds like a cop-out right? Well, from what I can tell RWA is pretty much all about the contacts and since they aren’t interested in erotic or alt-romances more than likely writers of such won’t find too much of interest belonging to the group. *shrugs*

    Honestly, as I mentioned…the sort of double-fee system going on there turns me off. Then, seeing all the fees for their writing contests as well as for the awards, really makes me not interested.

    I suspect in the end RWA will either continue to grow more inclusive in terms of their policies — or they will finally join the computer age and realize people can get the information they are basically charging for online free if they dig hard enough. I hope that’s not the case. RWA sounds like a good program at least contact and knowledge wise (and handy in that you don’t have to go running around finding it for yourself — but like anything else if they don’t evolve they’ll become obsolete.

    And, no matter how much writers place importance on the various awards give out by RWA — the bottom line is, 90% of the reading population doesn’t care about that nifty little symbol on the book cover. *shrugs*

    /ends rant

  2. stormerider

    May 20, 2006 at 6:12 am

    Amen, Amme.

    I’ve been following it more since I started working on the paranormal. I’d like to see RWA be useful, but it doesn’t look like it ever will be to me as it stands. Maybe I’m optimistic, but I have a feeling that if they don’t get their act together, then a new organization will be created to fill the gaps they are leaving… because the importance of those gaps is growing.


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