May 16

Productive morning today… did work on catching up a bit on the Above & Beyond homework and finished up Chapter 2 of the paranormal. It’s coming along nicely.

Snippet from “the call”:

Shiobhan took the phone from Taz and headed through the back room, sitting down in the chair before speaking. “Hi, dad.”

“Joan? Is that you?” he asked.

“It’s Shiobhan, dad, not Joan.”

“We named you Joan. That’s what it says on the birth certificate. It’s a fine Christian name… I still don’t understand why you felt you needed to change it to your nickname.”

“We’ve had that argument too many times before for me to want to have it again right now.” She mentally counted to one hundred, trying to keep calm. For some reason, he always manages to push just the right buttons to piss me off faster than almost anybody else. “Why are you calling? Is Sorcha all right?”

He sighed, and she realized with the sound that he was getting old. It wasn’t a sigh of frustration or anger, but the sigh of a man past his prime, faced with something he didn’t know how to handle. “Yes and no. It’s hard to explain. I’m not even where to start.” Pausing for a moment, he added, “Or if I even should. Look, there have been some things I kept from you when we’ve talked lately… not that we’ve talked much at all, lately.”

“I know.” Silence stretched across the phone, growing more awkward by the moment. “I live my life the way I believe, and you don’t approve. You’ve made that clear on virtually every occasion that you’ve had the opportunity to do so since Mom died. It’s hard to talk to you when your first reaction is to criticize who I am and what I do.” Tears sprung back up in her eyes, tracing down her cheeks again as she reached for a tissue on the receiving table.

1490 words today… been a while since I’ve written that much in basically one sitting.


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