Luzon #1: A&B Premise Questions…

February 14

Working on the A&B premise questions for the first Luzon book…


  1. What do I love about this story?The premise, the setting, the characters, the time period. This book is home to many things that I love most about high fantasy… and even though I started it many years ago at this point, it’s always calling me back to it. This time, when I pick it back up to rewrite it, I intend to finish it.
  2. Where is your novel set, who is your main character, and what is his main conflict, problem, or goal?This novel is set mainly in the country of Culloden, one of the three human countries. The main character is Ormryche, a young man drawn into the world of wizardry, seeking to use his skills in the service of King and Country.
  3. What does your protagonist most want, and why?Ormryche seeks to be a champion of the realm– not because he wants to be a hero, but because he is a hero. He is a swordsman, trained to become a Lord of the Realm when his father passes on, and he learns to be a mage. All these skills give him power– but they also give him responsibility. He has the opportunity to make changes, to affect people’s lives. He has the confidence of his King, and ties to the Mage Council… and he is affected by the problems that they face as well.
  4. What is your your protagonist’s second plot layer? (Maass uses “plot layer” to refer to a subplot directly affecting the main character, such as a romance; storylines relating to other characters are referred to as subplots.)He seeks the respect of his father, his King, and his mentor Karlon.
  5. What is your protagonist’s third plot layer?He seeks the love of Evelan, his companion in mage training. He has known for many years that his marriage was most likely to be arranged for him, but all that changes when he becomes a mage. Similarly, Evelan was raised to be a Lady, and is also freed of her planned life when she enters the mage training. Romance blooms as they face adversity together, but is it just the bond of their trials, or is it true love?
  6. What is the first subplot?The tension in the realm caused by the barrenness of Queen Avara… and the fact that the shadow mages are behind the fact that she is barren.
  7. What is the second subplot?Conflict between the Lords of the Realm due to the shadow mages seeking to turn one Lord against another. (The assassination attempt on Olenek implicating Sangar, the cattle raids on Sangar’s herds, etc.)
  8. What is the third subplot?Tension in the Council of Twelve between Karlon and Halvrath over Karlon’s late wife.
  9. Who is the most important secondary or supporting character, what is her main problem, conflict, or goal, and what does she most want?Evelan is the secondary character. She is in many ways in the same situation as Ormryche, but where he would have had some freedom in his duties as a Lord, she would have been much more strictly confined by her role as a Lady. She feels lost and adrift when her life changes and she is entered into mage training. With the guidance of Mage Karlon and Queen Avara, she seeks to find her way in life.
  10. Who is the novel’s antagonist, what is his main problem, conflict, or goal, and what does he most want?The events in this book are directed by a Shadow, a mage who has committed the Wizard’s Flaw and become one of the living dead. The energy of stolen life burned his away from him at the same time it cursed him to undeath. The Shadow is under the command of Lucero and Morgianna, the two dark gods who seek to re-enter this world, and he is a pawn in their schemes.

ETA: forgot I do actually have a rough map of this, along with the continent name (Tareya).



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2 responses to “Luzon #1: A&B Premise Questions…

  1. ammepyre

    February 14, 2006 at 11:15 am

    I don't think I've heard too much about this story before – not indepth details like this.

    It sounds really good!


  2. stormerider

    February 14, 2006 at 11:28 am

    Thanks. I'd been taking a break from it for a while, but it keeps calling me back. It always calls me back, but this time I decided that I'm going to scrap everything I've done before and rewrite it from the ground up.

    Which means I'm going to be following the A&B coursework stuff for it… at least what we've done so far.



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