Finished outline…

November 23

I’ve been stalled on this WIP for a while, mainly because I had to come to terms with it changing genres on me. But:

Upon Wings of Hope (Outline)
44 / 44 (100%)

All is good now. 🙂


* * *

  1. Chapter 1 (Alissandra)
    Marten and Alisandra find Valantaro’s journal and discover truth about Avian origins
  2. Chapter 2 (Alissandra)
    Relationship between Marten and Alissandra discovered because Alissandra is pregnant
    Forced abortion due to interspecial birth
  3. Chapter 3 (Alissandra)
    Marten is apparently killed
  4. Chapter 4 (Alissandra)
    Alissandra leaves Drun Aliet and returns to Drun Shonen
  5. Chapter 5 (Litala)
    Litala escapes abuser, ventures outside Drun Shonen
  6. Chapter 6 (Alissandra)
    Notes woman bathing
    Sees woman later at the returning home feast
    Takes her as a personal servant
  7. Chapter 7 (Litala)
    Settling into new duties
    Learning to read
  8. Chapter 8 (Marten)
    Marten is warned by the rebellion while he heals…
  9. Chapter 9 (Alissandra)
    Conflict between Thaltron and Alissandra over the arranged relationship
  10. Chapter 10 (Litala)
    Some human servants attempt to attack Litala
    Calls out to Alissandra
  11. Chapter 11 (Alissandra)
    Breaks off discussion with Thaltron
    Rescues Litala and nearly kills the attackers
  12. Chapter 12 (Litala)
    Gratitude to Alissandra and need for comfort leads to relationship
    Fear about being attacked again
  13. Chapter 13 (Alissandra)
    Takes the matter to the Drun Shonen Council
    Council fines her for damage to the castle but ignores damage to servants
  14. Chapter 14 (Litala)
    Cleaning up, finds the journal of Valantaro
    Leaves Alissandra’s chambers in fear
    Overhears servants talking, the attackers were Thaltron’s servants
  15. Chapter 15 (Alissandra)
    Explains everything to Litala and calms her down
  16. Chapter 16 (Marten)
    Continues his research without Alissandra
    Sends covert message to her letting her know he is alive
  17. Chapter 17 (Alissandra)
    Thaltron pressing for their arranged relationship
    Discusses options with Litala
  18. Chapter 18 (Litala)
    Asks Alissandra to test if she can be changed
    Latent mage-gift present
  19. Chapter 19 (Alissandra)
    Prepares for the ritual
    Changes Litala
  20. Chapter 20 (Litala)
    First flight after the change
    Thaltron orders them arrested when they return to Drun Shonen
  21. Chapter 21 (Alissandra)
    Triune Council is convened
    High Priest travels from Drun Aliet
    Council finds them guilty…
    High Priest falls dead, Litala becomes Avatar
  22. Chapter 22 (Litala)
    Priests take charge of her and protect her
    Explain to her what the Avatar is and what it means
    Litala and Alissandra agree to return to Drun Aliet where the priests have more resources to protect her
  23. Chapter 23 (Alissandra)
    Preparations for return
    Receives message from Marten
    Holds onto it during the trip, doesn’t tell Litala
  24. Chapter 24 (Litala)
    First impressions of Drun Aliet
    Attempt on her life, balked by Alissandra and the priests
    Passes the test of the Avatar, receives the Winged Rod
  25. Chapter 25 (Alissandra)
    Leaves Litala in the care of the Priests and seeks out Marten
  26. Chapter 26 (Litala)
    Asks Alissandra where she went
    Found the note Marten sent her
    Argument ensues, Alissandra storms out
  27. Chapter 27 (Marten)
    Reflects on his role in the rebellion and Alissandra
    Speaks to his contact and relays the news
  28. Chapter 28 (Alissandra)
    Apologizes to Litala in the morning
    Hash out differences and Litala agrees to meet Marten
    Visit from old mentor offering the assistance of the Mages
  29. Chapter 29 (Litala)
    Fitful dreams, fever, visions
    Priests describe it as Awakening-sickness due to her latent magegift
  30. Chapter 30 (Alissandra)
    Works with Marten to research further into the Avian history
  31. Chapter 31 (Litala)
    Working with Alissandra’s old mentor on training her magegift
    First avian was priestess of the winged goddess
    Left journals behind locked within the chambers of the Avatar
  32. Chapter 32 (Marten)
    Comes to a decision point—Alissandra or the Rebellion?
    Meets with Litala, charmed by her
    Tells them both about the Rebellion
  33. Chapter 33 (Alissandra)
    High Council meetings to discuss the will of the Goddess and the treatment of humans
  34. Chapter 34 (Litala)
    Attempts on the life of all 3 of them
    Bonding and lovemaking between the three of them
  35. Chapter 35 (Alissandra)
    Thaltron speaks at the Council meetings for Drun Shonen
    Dissension amongst Avians, Supremacists and Equalists…
  36. Chapter 36 (Marten)
    The 3 meet with the rebellion
  37. Chapter 37 (Alissandra)
    Alissandra finds evidence in records the Rebellion had that some Avians returned to Drel Trano, the old land…
    Schism prompted Avians to assume dominance over the humans, partial exodus to Drel Trano
  38. Chapter 38 (Litala)
    Litala addresses the Council as the Avatar of the Goddess
  39. Chapter 39 (Marten)
    Marten and the Rebellion find out that Alissandra’s mentor has been brokering with Drel Trano in bringing over Avians to extend bloodlines
  40. Chapter 40 (Alissandra)
    High Council roles that humans have no rights, against the will of the Goddess, they are merely property
  41. Chapter 41 (Litala)
    Wingcurl plague sets in as retribution
  42. Chapter 42 (Marten)
    Humans rebel and work with the Equalists and fight to reopen the portal to Drel Trano
    Marten wounds Thaltron
  43. Chapter 43 (Alissandra)
    Mentor kidnaps Litala in the conflict and nearly kills her
    Alissandra tries to save Litala
    Litala kills the mentor
  44. Chapter 44 (Litala)
    Exodus to a new land and a new home
  45. Epilogue



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    Outline sounds good. 🙂


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