Upon Wings of Hope mini-outline…

August 03

Worked out a mini-outline for plotting the book… still a bit rough, but this covers the basic story arc that I want:


  1. Marten and Alisandra find Valantaro’s journal and discover truth about Avian origins
  2. Relationship between Marten and Alissandra discovered, Marten is apparently killed
  3. Alissandra leaves Drun Aliet and returns to Drun Shonen
  4. Alissandra discovers Litala and takes her as a personal servant to help her escape abuse
  5. Conflict between Thaltron and Alissandra over arranged relationship
  6. Marten is warned by the rebellion while he heals…
  7. Some human servants attempt to attack Litala, Alissandra protects her
  8. Eyrie Council settles issue without concern for Litala, Thaltron pressing on relationship
  9. Alissandra transforms Litala into an Avian, Thaltron arranges them to be arrested
  10. Triune Council is convened, High Priest attends, dies as Litala becomes the Avatar of the Winged Goddess
  11. Fallout ensues, priests of the Winged Goddess escort Alissandra and Litala back to Drun Aliet
  12. Alissandra digs further back into history of Avians as Litala deals with the priesthood
  13. Marten hears of Alissandra’s return and the Avatar… seeks her out now that he is healed
  14. Alissandra’s mentor speaks to her and Litala, offers the assistance of the Mages
  15. Litala gets visions and health problems
  16. High Council meetings to discuss the will of the Goddess and the treatment of humans
  17. Thaltron speaks at the Council meetings for Drun Shonen
  18. Attempts on the life of all 3, relationship issues between the 3
  19. Alissandra finds evidence that some Avians returned to Drel Trano, the old land…
  20. Schism prompted Avians to assume dominance over the humans, partial exodus to Drel Trano
  21. Marten and the Rebellion find out that Alissandra’s mentor has been brokering with Drel Trano in bringing over Avians to extend bloodlines
  22. Dissension amongst Avians, Supremacists and Equalists…
  23. High Council roles that humans have no rights, against the will of the Goddess, they are merely property
  24. Wingcurl plague sets in as retribution
  25. Humans rebel and work with the Equalists and fight to reopen the portal to Drel Trano
  26. Exodus to a new land and a new home[/cut]

Upon Wings of Hope (Outline)
26 / 48 (54.17%)


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