Upon the Wings of Hope…

July 24


Alternate realm where a winged race of humans rule over the land. Earthbound humans are servants/soldiers/slaves. One woman (Litala) has been a drudge for most of her life– beaten and raped by several of the servants she works with. Whe she sneaks away to a stream to bathe one day, one of the avians takes note of her and how beautiful she is (when not in drudge uniform). She catches a glimpse of her, but she flies away.

Feast is proclaimed in honor of a returning mage who has been at court for many years. She hears many rumors about the mage while cleaning and doing fetching tasks for the feast. Litala steals a look during the feast, and Wingmage Alissandra is the one who saw her bathing. She notices Litala, who flees, fearing a beating or worse.

Alissandra asks around the next day, and eventually tracks Litala down. Her personality intrigues Alissandra, and the avian finds out what’s been done to her. She purchases Litala’s bond, and summons her. Alissandra detests a lot of what the Avians let happen, and is determined to change that. To that end, she enlists Litala’s help. As a human, she can’t help, but Alissandra can make her an Avian. Together they can make changes, bettering the lot of the humans, and preventing abuse from going unchecked simply because “they’re earthbound, who cares?”.


Outline so far…
Chapter 1: Alissandra

Alissandra in Drun Aliet receives message from Thaltron
Sent in disgrace from Drun Aliet to return to Drun Shonen
Packs up some of the forbidden books which she found

Chapter 2: Litala

Cornered by abuser but manages to break free
Spoils her task in the process
Master of the Kitchens sends her out to gather herbs
Bathing in the stream, overseen by an Avian

Chapter 3: Alissandra

Return flight to Drun Shonen
Oversees woman bathing in the stream
Returns to the castle, greeted by her kindred
Festival ordered in honor of her return

Chapter 4: Litala

Hears of return of a Wingmage from Drun Aliet
Master of Kitchens rushing around to organize feast on short notice
Feast served… Litala notices Alissandra, recognition between them

Chapter 5: Alissandra

Morning after the feast, asks around about the drudge
Male Avian guard refers her to the Master of the Kitchens
Visits the MoK and discusses her…
Litala’s arm has been broken by an attacker that morning
Disgusted with her treatment, Alissandra buys her bondprice
Sends for the girl to be cleaned and livery arranged

Chapter 6: Litala

Summoned by her new mistress
Alissandra investigates the marks of abuse and makes list of healing components
Litala inquires about her duties, confesses that she does not know how to read
Alissandra casts a spell that enables her to read…
Spell will fade in time but the knowledge will not, sets her to reading

Chapter 7: Alissandra

???insert running some multi-hour errand???

Chapter 8: Litala

Cleaning up around Alissandra’s chambers, finds forbidden books
Starts reading and is horrified at the heresy contained within
Alissandra returns and Litala starts freaking out

Chapter 9: Alissandra

Confides the reason she was banished from Drun Aliet
Explains that the forbidden books are true
Pledges to help the cause of humanity and stop the Avian oppression of their wingless kindred
Heals Litala’s broken arm and other hurts that have been done to her (Heals scars)

??Sex scene in between here, or after fight??

Chapter ??: Alissandra

Thaltron visits Alissandra, Litala sent out to do errands
Thaltron presses his claim upon Alissandra, as they were promised to each other when fledglings
Alissandra begins to refuse but abandons the discussion when she feels Litala in danger

Chapter ??: Litala

Sent to fetch items for Alissandra while she talks to Thaltron
Visits the lower keep where the Magekeeper resides
On the way back is waylaid by two Avians who recognize her
Avians attempt to rape her, she calls out empathically for help

Chapter ??: Alissandra

Follows Litala’s empathic call to the room where they are holding her
Blows the door inward explosively
Fights the two Avians and nearly kills them
Stopped by Thaltron, who indicates enough damage has been done on the account of an earthbound servant

Chapter ??: Alissandra

Brings matter before the Drun Shonen Council
Fights for greater status and protection of the humans
Current law only allows for minor monetary recompense for the injury to a personal servant
Alissandra is fined for damage done to the castle, excused from damaging the Avians as she was protecting her chattel
Still debating in the Council

Chapter ??: Litala

Overhears other servants whispering in the corridor
The Avians who attacked her were Thaltron’s servants
Fearful, pleads with Alissandra to do something to protect her

Chapter ??: Alissandra

Council adjourns with no further progress, Alissandra frustrated
Thaltron presses his claim upon her, she tries to reject
He warns that he will bring it to the priests to force her into abiding by the will of the Eyrie

Chapter ??: Alissandra

Desperate plan… cast the spell in the journal of the Mage Valantaro
Turning Litala into an Avian will grant her rank and status where she will be protected by their laws
Having chosen a mate that the Council will have to recognize, Alissandra will be protected from Thaltron’s claim
Magic ritual — ten feathers plucked from Alissandra
Quills are sharpened and set into Litala’s back
Runes enscribed in black henna, magic called and Litala is Changed

Chapter ??: Litala
First flight with Alissandra… freedom and joy in the ecstasy of the wind
Land as she tires, Thaltron is waiting and orders them to be arrested
Alissandra claims the right of a Triune Council
Litala sent to the dungeons, Alissandra confined in her chambers

Chapter ??: Alissandra
Triune Council convenes after several days
Court is held, judgement is made against them
Litala is deemed Abomination and will be destroyed and her ashes scattered to the winds
Alissandra is to be stripped of her magic and given into the keeping of Thaltron
As the High Priest of the Winged Goddess comes down from his chair raving at Litala, he steps in a pool of light and is killed
The other two Councillors cry foul magic, Litala walks into the light and emerges with golden feathers
Chosen as the new Avatar of the Winged Goddess– unseen for a century or more[/cut]

Thoughts/questions (suggestions and/or further questions welcome):

1.) Alissandra left Drun Aliet in disgrace… what happened?

2.) Alissandra has had a male partner before… who was he and why did they part?

3.) The Avatar of the Goddess was last seen over a century ago… what changed that the Goddess turned her back on the Avians?

4.) Why don’t (more?) humans revolt at the oppression of the Avians?

5.) How did the book Alissandra found get lost in the library… and how did the origin of the Avians become so twisted?

6.) What is the governmental structure of the Avians?

7.) What is the religious structure?

8.) Why don’t the humans have magic on par with the Avians? Because over time most of the magically-inclined humans that travelled with the original mage who invented the process to change into an Avian chose to do so. While magic is not specifically genetically inherited, it does tend to pass down through bloodlines. As a result, the “strain” of humans present tend towards those not magically inclined. (You need to have magical talent to go through the Avian transformation… pure mundanes cannot be changed.)


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2 responses to “Upon the Wings of Hope…

  1. nonnycat

    July 24, 2005 at 10:44 am

    1.) Perhaps she was prying too much into things she shouldn't have? Or perhaps she was defending humans there. Or maybe she just stepped on the wrong toes.

    2.) Partner as in, life-partner, or lover? If the latter, he could have been a dear friend. Isn't Alissandra a lesbian?

    3.) A century really isn't that long, all things considered… make it longer? Also, perhaps the Goddess doesn't like the way they've been treating humans. Perhaps she's been trying to get their attention–delicately. She loves them, too, so she might be unwilling to beat them upside the head with a 2×4.

    4.) If revolts are cracked down upon and examples are made, it would explain it. Especially if there had been unsuccessful prior rebellions in history.

    5.) Perhaps it was lost on purpose… to protect it from destruction. It's not uncommon for unwanted historical evidence to be destroyed. As for how they got that way… well… you'll have to go back to how they started and map the decline. Perhaps it was ruler who started it all? Or–if you have more than one Goddess–perhaps one of the Gods disliked humans and steered them in that direction? (Ironic if it were the Goddess's tricksy sister or somesuch masquerading as her while said Goddess was indisposed elsewhere. Unless, that is, you're going with infallible gods. But that's just boring. 😉

    6.) Well, from the tone you've mentioned, it sounds feudal … so probably a republic of sorts, or monarchy?

    7.) Polytheism could make for some interesting conflicts, especially if you have something going on between Goddesses, as I mentioned earlier.

    8.) Do they not, or have they been convinced that they don't?

    Hope this helps. 🙂


  2. stormerider

    July 24, 2005 at 10:59 am

    1.) I think it was more of a fiasco than that… possibly tying into #2.

    2.) Lover. She's not a lesbian per se– more that she's bisexual who tends to prefer females. Litala doesn't feel comfortable with males, which is something I intend to explore (her discomfort in a poly setting).

    3.) True… century was an off the cuff unit of time. I agree that it's related to how the humans are treated (otherwise Litala wouldn't get chosen)… but I'm thinking there's a specific event that triggered it. Which is probably tied to #5.

    4.) I've been thinking about that….

    5.) Hmm, possibly. I do need to figure out the turning point from humans and avians working together to avians ruling over humans.

    I like the thought of alternate deity involvement, but not sure exactly how it would fit in. Will need to ponder more…

    6.) I think it's probably a little less centralized than that. I get the feeling that the different Eyries are mostly independant… more like a confederation of city-states. The concept of a Triune council (mages, military, church) is important, I'm not exactly sure how it expands at the higher level, though.

    7.) I think that there are multiple deities, though the Winged Goddess is the primary religion. Her priests don't say that there are no other deities, but there aren't any other priesthoods that have a temple in/outside each Eyrie. (Small temples to other deities are more common in the outskirts and villages away from the Eyries.)

    8.) For the most part, they do not tend to. There are exceptions… and I think that this is possibly changing around the time of the novel. Things are heading for a conflict…

    *kisses* Thanks for the thoughts 🙂



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