October 18

Moved over my liquor collection and some boxed foodstuff over to the new place, along with a dehumidifier, a box of magazines, and two large plastic bins of misc. stuff and computer equipment (cables, fans, etc). Watered the faux bonsai, which seems to be perking up with the light that it’s getting now. Need to give it some fertilizer/plant food later.

Did 886 words on “Wings of Hope”. 1 more scene and it’s done… then I get to move onto #2 (“Wings of Love”) which gets really interesting…. can’t wait.

Watched “Serendipity” today with John Cusak and Kim Beckinsdale… very sappy movie. Liked it a lot (yes, I watch romantic movies. Sue me.), but reminded me of the fact that I’m alone. Loneliness sucks. Also reminded me of Joy… every so often I try to find her, but I’ve yet to succeed. Ah well. Maybe someday…

Off to sleep before work.



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