June 14

Requested information from Brown, Providence College, and RIC. Should probably check out CCRI as well.

Finished crit for Alli’s ReinaWIP novel (simply amazing…) and sent that off… now to get my hands on Kai’s Story as well… (*rubs hands together and grins maniacally*)

Saw the Chronicles of Riddick the other day with my friend Paul… was really good.

Read Wen Spencer‘s book Tinker the other day. Really good book (as always!), can’t wait for the sequel. Had a funny goofup… went from page 86 to 57… and repeated the 32 pages! Had to drop Wen an email about that, was pretty cool. Usually when there’s a misprint, I lose pages rather than get extra copies. Also waiting for her book Dog Warriors, which is pre-orderable at Amazon. I’m waiting to get it at my local bookstore and will try to get them to carry a decent stock of it (along with making sure they have the other books in the series in stock, too!).


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