Another Wings of Love snippet

June 08

This is where things start to get going 🙂

[cut]As the mage set aside the ring, Litala came towards her. Reaching her arms towards Alissandra, they embraced and kissed again, passionately as the heat of her bare body was clear through the mage’s clothing. Releasing the clasp behind her neck, Litala drew back the velvet that crossed Alissandra’s breasts, smiling at her pert nipples as she unwrapped the drape around her waist. No tunics could be fashioned to be comfortable to the Avians, but wraps left the wings free and served the purpose just as well. Running her hands over the mage’s back, around her breasts, and lightly touching upon her nipples, Litala sighed in pleasure at the feel of skin on skin. Reaching lower, she slid one hand into Allissandra’s pantaloons even as she took her breast into her mouth. The mage shivered and gasped as she felt the woman’s hand cupping the heat of her sex and teasing her nipple at the same time, a flood of dampness rushing through her loins.

Sliding her feet out of her sandals, she slid off her pantaloons speedily while Litala put a finger in her mouth, tasting the mage’s excitement. The woman walked over to the bed, sliding onto the velvet blanket and then rising up, showing the round curve of her buttocks. Spreading her legs, she gave a sultry glance to the mage over her shoulder as her sex and breasts were clearly visible. Allissandra shivered at the heat of the glance, her own desire pounding harder through her veins, her skin tingling and flushed.

Furling her wings carefully, the mage joined Litala on the bed, running hands over her body from her neck down her shoulders, tracing a path around to cup her breasts before sliding down to her thighs. Brushing her own breasts against Litala’s back, she embraced the woman as they laid down on the bed, tangled together. Kissing each other passionately, tongues exploring each other’s mouths, the woman shifted under the mage to lay her back against the bed.[/cut]


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