Wings of Love Snippet

June 04

Snippet from my erotica short story, Wings of Love… f/f human/non-human.


* * *

“I have many ideas, but foremost… I am alone here. I have no-one to speak to, no-one to trust, no-one to comfort me…” Her years at Aliet, reviled and shamed, came crashing down, and she began weeping, tears welling up in her eyes to trace their way down her sharp cheeks.

Ignoring protocol, Litala went to her, embracing her in a tight hug, extremely cautious of Alissandra’s wings. She held her, letting the mage cry into her shoulder, the tears soaking into her new uniform. Deep wracking sobs shook her frame as she clung to Litala, taking precious comfort in the simple embrace of another. Litala held her tenderly, stroking the smooth feathers on Allisandra’s back softly, delighting in the feel of them against her skin.

“You have me now, my lady,” she said in a low voice. “You have saved me from my plight… it is only right that I help you in yours.”

Allisandra pulled back, brushing her tear stained face with a hand. “I cannot ask that of you. I am in peril, with what I plan to do… I cannot conscience involving you. It is time that the way our world works is changed, and I mean to bring that about. But more likely than not I will fail and perish– or worse– in the attempt. If you stand by me as aught more than a servant, you will fall alongside me…”

Litala shook her head sharply, reaching for one of the mages hands and entwining her fingers in it. “I have known you for but moments, and already I believe in you, and trust you. I know not why, but that I can see the difference between you and the others. You mean what you say, and the power of the truth spoken rings in your voice. And what is your goal, if not to help others as you have helped me? Can I receive that aid, and not strive to enable you to bring it to others?”

Tears unshed glimmered in Allissandra’s eyes, as she bowed her head. “And the sages speak of how noble we are, and that this is the telling difference between the Avians and the humans, as much as humans are different from the animals. I do not think that they have the right of it.” Clasping her other hand to the one held by Litala, she squeezed it for a moment before raising their hands to her lips and kissing the hand of her companion.



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  1. ammepyre

    June 4, 2004 at 3:31 pm

    Nice 🙂

    The Avians sound very cool.



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