April 03

Working on fleshing out a setting. I’ve been thinking about the crits I got on the “Blood Sight” short, and one really good point was that I needed to establish the setting better.

Now, thinking about that, it just kind of made sense that I should look at the setting I was designing for the shorts based on the character Slip. (“Bathing Beauties” is the first one I’m working on with her, but I have notes for future ones.) So… why not use the Slip setting (which I always meant for more than just that series) for “Blood Sight” and other “Blood” shorts to follow?

So I dug out my notes, and started working on a map. Got some work done on that, named the different countries and a few places. Then I started to think… what about “Division Bell”? DB focuses on one continent and a really large island nearby. So far, for Slip’s setting, I only have a few islands and one major continent. Why not combine the two into the same world? Always meant to explore other places in the DB setting, because Latinira wasn’t all. Zarania’s story was going to delve more into that… and if I flip her from Slip’s setting to Latinira, that makes a lot of sense.

“Tears of the Dragon” might also fit, though I haven’t thought a lot about that. I’m thinking I might.

“By the Horn” I was already thinking about fitting in a while back, but was going to hold back until the setting was firmed up more.

So, if I do tie it all together, I’ll have:

* Division Bell (Latinira novel)
* Zarania’s story (Latinira short)
* Bathing Beauties series (Slip’s shorts)
* Blood Sight series (Awena + Karlan’s shorts [need to rename Karlan])
* Tears of the Dragon (short)
* By the Horn (short)

I think it’s probably a good idea. It’ll give things a cohesiveness, a sense that the world beyond each of the areas I focus on actually exists and isn’t just floating in vaccuum.



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